Thursday, January 3, 2013

Singing Performance Tip from Lori at Bergen Bel Canto •

Did you ever wonder about that bit of advice to smile when you talk to somebody on the phone? Well, it is absolutely true that what you look like affects the way your voice sounds in both singing and speaking, so my advice is to practice in front of the mirror. If you look bored, you will sound bored as well as boring. So put a light in your eyes and let your feeling for the text animate your face! Make sure you don’t close your eyes, except momentarily, as it cuts off your communication with your audience and reduces you natural tendency to project your voice. Make sure your posture is tall and loose, not tense. If you look frightened right before that high note, it will be tense and maybe even crack. See a ”confident you” in the mirror before you sing. You will sound better if you look better, and looking good never hurt a performer either 

Lori Fredrics 
BM Music Management
MM Voice Performance
Singer/Actress/Songwriter/Producer/ Voice Teacher and
Coach at Bergen Bel Canto

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