Sunday, December 9, 2012

How It All Started

Welcome to Dark Beauty and we’re all so excited to have you here with us. 
My journey started back in 2009 and I’m happy to say that our music is really starting to get out there.  I started Dark Beauty as a solo artist with Save Yourself being the very first song that I ever wrote.  Who knew the response was going to be so supportive from so many people from all parts of the world!  It has truly been an eye opener for me and happy to say a good one!  I had no idea at the time where all this was all going.  I just knew I had to keep going!
The minute I realized that I had something really was easy for me to stay focused, which is how the entire Dark Beauty project came about.  So here I am in 2012 working on the massive undertaking that is our first album Fall From Grace.  I love the title and find it to be so mysterious and intriguing at the same time.  This helps me a lot with my writing as I work on building an entire story.  Funny thing story doesn’t even have an outline believe it or not...I’m just writing as I go.  It’s not an easy task but the only way I know how to work.  I didn’t always have the fully detailed concept in my head but just an idea.  Save Yourself became the launching point which opened my mind up to doing an entire story based around this one character of the Dark Angel.
When I was working on Save Yourself I realized that I was going to be needing the help of really great musicians to back me up.  I started working with Artie Rodriguez, a Latin producer from the Bronx who contributed musicianship, great engineering skills, and a fantastic personality that added just the right amount of Latin flavor into my mix.  The two of us just clicked and it worked!  I knew he was the perfect producer for me to work with.  We just had this awesome groove together and everything we seemed to try worked. Even when it didn’t work we still knew we would come up with magic together to create a fantastic musical piece!
Bryan Zeigler was already in the music scene adding his own brilliance on many fun projects.  It was great once he came to record with us since he has such a great flair and eclectic style of his own...he was the one person I felt was the perfect spice to add into my first song, and I was right!  His eclectic style and luscious Santana-esc licks were beautifully played and he took the song to a whole other level making it stand out even more!  From there I knew that he was going to become a part of the rest of anything else I did.  It turns out we’re a great fit when it comes to writing.  My classical style of melodies, vocals, training, and approach works incredibly well with his love for rock, jazz, and other eclectic styles of playing.

Stay tuned for more of this story coming soon!

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