Sunday, December 9, 2012

Making Social Magic Happen

I always knew I had to market our band on social networks...but how does one really get to those higher numbers?  Well...I’ll let you know once we figure it out ourselves!  We still have a ways to go but I’m happy to report our numbers have been climbing steadily and our fan base is growing which makes all of us happy of course.

But how do we get to that next level? That’s the magic question and it’s time for us to get to that next level!

For the past year I have been marketing steadily on Facebook and have also dabbled Twitter a bit and just started to work on our YouTube page by adding more video posts.  We have gotten some great results, bringing us international radio play along with meeting a lot of new fans while making some good contacts!  So does it work? The answer is yes it does! 

The issue is not having enough help in managing all these pages.  We’re all so busy that it gets difficult to market every page consistently and something ends up suffering.  So, I’ve reached out to others in order to find people willing to be guest bloggers to help market us, along with adding great tips, and marketing content that can benefit other musicians around the world as well.

There is power in numbers and I certainly think we’ll all do much better as a community than by ourselves!  What do you think? I would love to get your comments and feedback.We are also going to be adding some great music law information in our blog, as Bryan Zeigler our lead guitarist is also an attorney will be adding great segments touching upon many great topics that we and other bands need to be aware of. 

If you’re a blogger or writer and interested in working with us we would love to feature some of your work here as a guest on our blog!  Contact us through Facebook or through our original website which is: 

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