Sunday, December 9, 2012

It's A Small World!

Guest Blogger:  Rupert Cheek 
on Social Networking and Amazing Connections 

Sometimes it's a really small world!

In 2002-03 I was studying at Kingston University in SW London, UK.  One of my lecturers was Howard Fredrics. He was married to fellow lecturer Lori.

They then moved (back) to the USA.

Amanda Savory is a facebook friend.  She is a musician by the name of Mandaress. We're working on a project together, but I think that's another story. I mean blog.

Recently Amanda sent me screenshot of a tweet that a band had sent looking for guest blogger and writers to help them promote their band.  I emailed the band. Liz, the singer replied. Then I replied to her reply...then...etc etc  

This is my first guest blog for the band, which is called Dark Beauty. 

Then on  I added Liz as a friend on facebook and this happened...

Lori: Hi Rupert! How are you! So glad you are friends with Liz and vice versa

Rupert: Hi Lori, long time, how are you? You know eachother then...

Lori: I am good Rupert. Yes, I am proud to say that Liz is a friend and studies singing with me.

Rupert: Ah! Small world...

Liz:  Holy guys know each other? WOW!!! This is way too cool! What a small world!

Lori: Rupert was Howard's student at Kingston University.  How do you guys know each other?

Rupert: Yeah! I was at  Kingston Uni 2002-03. I met Lori there.  As with Howard.  How long have you 2 known each other?

Liz: Jeez how crazy is that.
[To Lori] We just connected through twitter and FB
[We're] hoping to work with Rupert on our blog. 
[To Rupert] I've been studying with Lori for about 3 years now

Rupert: How's it going ( can be honest...)

Liz: lol...I probably should let Lori answer that,
but I hope to say going well so far

Rupert: What are you studying?

Liz: Bel Canto (Opera).  I have to say she is truly the best teacher I've had so far and has really changed and improved my voice.

Rupert: and it's helping with Dark Beauty?

Liz: I wanted to be able to sing in a more operatic style and this is helping greatly with my songs.

Rupert: So what style would you say dark beauty 2 ish words?

Liz: Well...we describe ourselves as: Classically Influenced - Gothic Alternative, Progressive Rock. It's hard to say what what we're all about into 2 words.

Rupert: I've got an answer...

Liz: Would love to know

Rupert: "awesome music"...or something..

Liz: it and thank you for that

Rupert: or 1 word; "epic" or "beautiful"

Liz: Thank you and that's the main word I use all the time...EPIC!

So Liz and I were discussing ways to use social media to promote the band.  She showed me some brief video diaries the band has been doing.

She has just written a blog post on the bands website - have a read. - Making Social Magic Happen

So, do you agree with Liz' descriptions of the music?  You can connect with Liz and Dark Beauty in a number of places.

They'd love to hear from you!

Rupert Cheek
07447 907 357

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