Thursday, December 13, 2012

Writing a Concept Album – My Ongoing Journey

Creating an entire concept album can be quite difficult...well at least for me.  Especially since my writing style is far from simple. 

When I began working on Dark Beauty, the first two songs came quite easily, and to my surprise recording them was easy as well.  At the time It was just me and my producer Artie Rodriguez.  Bryan came on board and added his guitar work which of course turned out great!  But as I moved forward it became clear to me that I was going to need the help or other good musicians to really put this project together.  That’s how I went from being a solo artist and just writing songs, to creating the entire concept of Dark Beauty from my very first song, “Save Yourself”.

Even in the beginning I realized this was more than just a song, and was already developing a larger project in my head, initially as a film score.  I realized this had to become something much deeper and that’s how I came up with the idea of creating and building an entire concept album, creating Dark Beauty as a band and developing the Dark Angel’s character. 

At first it seemed so simple since I wasn’t thinking of any story when I started writing.  So why is it getting more difficult to write?  And what’s taking so long?  As our story develops and we get closer towards finishing our first album, I noticed that I have some gaps in the story that need filled in order to make the story flow better.  Also it’s not just about creating songs, I also have to make sure that the story works all while trying to keep everything stylistically consistent, as well as making sure that the album’s flow works just as well.  Suddenly it’s become much more of a challenge to write. 

I never had a synopsis of the story when I started, so creating this project has been a learning experience.  It also means really being connected to each piece as I get further into this story.  I don’t know if there is a better way to write, but I do know that each piece has to have a special meaning not only to the story but also for the listeners, myself as a vocalist, and our musicians. I think this process for me at least should be natural and not pushed.  So what does that means it will take as long as it needs to for this story to be told the way it needs to be written. 

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